Dr. Jamil J. Al-Bagawi

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia


Jamil is the Chief Engineer of Saudi Aramco. He is responsible for all above surface engineering related functions. As a Chief Engineer, he is also responsible for major roles such as Specialist Development Program, Technology Program, Corporate Innovation, Knowledge Management and Patents. He is also the chairman of Saudi Aramco Board of Engineers and Energy Management Steering committee. As a chairman, Jamil also oversees Saudi Aramco engineering standards, manufacturers technical and quality review and approval process to ensure, optimize and adapt best in class processes for Saudi Aramco's global business strategies.

Jamil began his career at Saudi Aramco in 1995 as an engineer in the central engineering of Saudi Aramco. He held various technical and management positions in several organizations, including Consulting Services Department, Abqaiq Plants, and Ras Tanura Refinery. Also, he has held several positions in the company such as Manager of Consulting Services Department, Inspection Department, Research & Development Center, Shedgum Gas Plant, Coordinator of Professional Engineering Development Division, Supervisor of Energy Conservation Unit and other management positions. As part of Saudi Aramco Accelerated Transformation Program, Jamil successfully led, established and introduced Operational Excellence to Saudi Aramco which resulted in considerable savings and enhancements in the operational processes for all Saudi Aramco businesses. Also he successfully led the efforts to develop Saudi Aramco engineering competency maps which became the standard approach to develop Saudi Aramco engineering workforce.

Prior to joining Saudi Aramco, Jamil was a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) from 1991 to 1995.

Additionally, Jamil has led many organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was the Board Chairman of the Saudi Council of Engineers and the President of Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC). He is also advisor for several KSA universities in engineering area.

Jamil has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and he is a Graduate of Harvard Business School (General Management Program). He is also a certified engineering arbitrator.



Saudi Aramco's non-metallic program - Journey and ambition



Nonmetallic Materials are playing an ever-increasing role in our world. When we say nonmetallic materials, we are referring to industrial and consumer products that are produced using chemicals and polymers derived from the hydrocarbon value chain, which substitute products conventionally made from metals and other materials.

We at Saudi Aramco many years ago began exploring nonmetallic materials as a mean of corrosion mitigation in our facilities through selective pilot projects. Having experienced the benefits of this material in Corrosion mitigation, faster installations and Life Cycle cost savings; the use of nonmetallics in Saudi Aramco products grew exponentially in the past five years. Apart from the conventional nonmetallic applications in water and low pressure services which started as early as 1970s, today we have successfully installed more than 9,000 km of pipes in diverse applications across our assets in more harsh services such as high-pressure oil, gas and water. This space used to be fully occupied by steel.

Building on our success in the O&G sector, we expanded our nonmetallic business strategy to cover four additional sectors which are Building & Construction, Automotive, packaging and Renewables due to their impact and synergy with Saudi Aramco's Business. Our Nonmetallic materials Strategy has five key pillars which are Research and Development, Deployment, Localization, investment and Advocacy.

In Line with Vision 2030, Saudi Aramco Nonmetallic material Strategy aims to place Aramco & the Kingdom as a global leader in the nonmetallic materials business with a key objective of maximizing the value of our resources across the hydrocarbon value chain, driving sustainability, localizing industry and reducing our carbon footprint. Indeed, our nonmetallic Business strategy is in line with our corporate approach to Sustainability.

We at Saudi Aramco believe that Innovation and R&D are key enablers to advance the future of nonmetallic' s across all industries. Through new ideas, collaborations and technological breakthroughs we can address the challenges of tomorrow.

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Keynote 1: Saudi Aramco's non-metallic program - Journey and ambition
02:30 PM
Dr. Jamil J. Al-Bagawi

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia