Saudi Arabian Society for Composite Materials

The Saudi Arabian Society for Composite Materials (SASCOM) aims to facilitate strong collaborations between scientists, engineers, educational and industrial partners interested in the study, manufacture and use of composite materials and structures.

By providing a dynamic and high-level network of experts, we aim to contribute to increasing the societal impact of composite materials that have an important role to play in the Saudi economy.

SASCOM members share the following objectives:

  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge and information on all aspects related to composite materials, by connecting scholars, professionals and experts from all over the world,
  • To promote both national and international collaborations related to composite materials,
  • To develop and promote educational offer related to composite materials,
  • To nurture an effective environment for innovation and creation of value in the field of composite materials,
  • To support our partners either by directly providing expertise on Composite Materials or by advising where to find the best experts,
  • To recognize individual of outstanding contributions in the technology of composite materials by granting the SASCOM medal,
  • To provide a Middle-East wide forum for the discussion of such topics, e.g. by organising SACCM (Saudi Arabian Conference on Composite Materials) and more specialised symposia related to composites.
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