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Vision 2030 streamlines Saudi Arabia’s role as one of the major players in petrochemical industry. The diversification of the industry towards producing composite materials is necessary to exemplify Saudi’s competitive advantage and to fuel the economy with high-volume (energy, civil, transportation) and high-technology markets (aeronautics and space). A scientific event that will bring together academia, industry and government institutes that support such transformation will be beneficial for all parties.

Following our previous workshops (CEMAM in 2013, COMINT in 2015), COHMAS Laboratory organizes a workshop in the field of composite materials with the theme of “Shaping the future with composite materials”. This workshop provides a high-level forum to discuss the latest development of composite science and technology. A number of high-caliber professors, researchers, engineers and industry practitioners will share their knowledge, expertise and experience in their respective fields of expertise.

The workshop will be organized around following areas:

  • Addressing the needs for Composite Industry 4.0
  • Imagining new applications in energy and transportation sectors
  • Improving composites through big data and artificial intelligence
  • Inventing new concepts for composite assemblies and large structures
  • Building a composite industry


Due to the on going events with COVID-19 around the globe, this workshop will be held virtually on ZOOM from May  24th to May 27th 2021.

To make sure we  accommodate speakers from various parts of the world, the workshop will take place in the afternoon, approximately between 2PM to 7PM KSA. Exact schedule will be provided soon after we get all confirmations from the speakers.

To maximize interaction, the virtual workshop will include keynote presentations, regular live presentations, round tables animated by key experts in the field, poster sessions from both young students and accomplished researchers.