4A: One-component recyclable high performance composites



It is apparent that the increasing societal requirement demands materials that are sustainable and environmental friendly. This requirement of today, and future, is to be addressed at different scales from retrieving of the monomer, to its conversion into a product and reuse of the same product at the end of its lifetime with added value.

In this presentation, I will address this challenge by showing a route to develop the high performance materials that brings the commodity plastic into a domain of engineering polymer while using the easily accessible monomers such as ethylene, propylene, carbon mono-oxide, methyl pentene-1, etc. These polymers on their own are easy to process and hold the potential of opening the new horizon in terms of mechanical and physical properties. Retrospectively, providing solutions for recyclable reinforced thermoplastic composites meeting the requirements in the sector of oil & gas transportation, health, body and vehicle armor protection, automotive, packaging, etc. The polymers when mixed with the commodity plastic enhances the mechanical response of the blended polymeric material with the potential of replacing, difficult to recycle, composites made from two or more thermosets and thermoplastics.


Prof. Sanjay Rastogi

KAUST, Saudi Arabia