e-poster session: Mechanics of Composites for Energy and Mobility members

1. A compact thermofluidic soft actuator

     Presented by: Dr. Ragesh Chellattoan - Saudi Arabia

2. A highly-stretchable yet strain-insensitive temperature sensor exploiting Seebeck effect in nanoparticle-based printed circuits

     Presented by: Yangyang Xin - Saudi Arabia


3. Ultrasensitive wireless strain sensor for structural health monitoring

     Presented by: Dr. Hussein Nesser - Saudi Arabia

4. Smartphone-based single-camera stereo-vision system

     Author: Dr. Liping Yu - China

     Presented by: Nurlat Bekdullayev - Saudi Arabia


5. Laser-based pre-treatment of secondary bonded composite T-joints for improved energy dissipation

     Presented by: Mjed Hashem - Saudi Arabia

6.  Strategy for toughening interfaces in adhesively bonded composite joints

     Presented by: Dr. Ran Tao - Saudi Arabia


7. Mimicking biological adhesion systems with improved fracture toughness by embedding sacrificial cracks inside adhesive joint

     Presented by: Dr. Ahmed Wagih - Saudi Arabia