1A: Carbon fiber in the aerospace industry



The future of composite material is increasing tremendously. The need for such material is from all kind of industries, specially Aerospace, due to its characteristics like the strength of the material and light weight. Yet, the cost and manufacturing technics need to improve to make this material more available to all industries such as constructions and machineries. There are many institutions in the Kingdom working on developing composite materials such as KAUST, KACST, SABIC, and many others. As a former composite design engineer, with experience designing the horizontal stabilizer for the Boeing 787 DreamLiner, and Winglets of the Gulfstream G500 and G600 as well as the all composite fuselage of the HondaJet and many other components, I have extensive experience with Carbon fiber materials.

GDC Middle East is a Public Investment Fun (PIF) company specializing in Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Upgrades, Modification, and MRO in addition to Airworthiness, Certifications and Qualifications. Currently, GDC has 250 employees, and 80 percent of our work force is Saudis. Our current customers are RSAF, and other government entities. I believe it's an exciting time to be in the Kingdom and see the development of such technologies, specially being involved in it and be part of it.


Dr. Muneer Bakhsh

GDC Middle East, Saudi Arabia